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Whether you are an experienced investor or a first time buyer, I can help you in finding the property of your dreams. Feel free to browse through my profile and please don’t hesitate to reach out for any of your real estate needs.

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-Real Estate Broker
-Real Estate Investor
-President of Campus View Owners’ Association
-Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, University of Washington

If you have the patience, I will find you the home for you and your family. I found mine and it was not easy. This is why I decided to become a broker. I couldn’t find a broker with the same passion as I had in finding the perfect home, and I knew good people were out there with the same frustration. I own three homes now and I simply cannot buy anything more without adding a lot of risk. I love all three of my homes very much. Each one is perfect for its intended purchase. Since I cannot buy anymore, I want to help others. In the past, my passion was delivering the best computer support in the world with clients happy to get their files back or their email working. I’m not a sales person. I would be better suited as an inspector in where I want to tell you every detail about the situation you are about to inherit. Know that on a humid day that those power lines snapping and popping nearby will be worse. Know that on weekdays, the road noise you can hear with the windows open is going to be louder. You might live with those things, but don’t be surprised later.

Home ownership is a lot of work, wouldn’t you like to put that hard work into a house you love and not the house you secretly loathe. A lot of things can make a home purchase complicated. Different loan types, contingencies, houses in need of repair, consideration, down payment amount, contribution toward closing costs and ultimately the price can cause your offer to be stronger or weaker than a competing buyer. A much larger percentage of properties on the market now are short sales, bank owned, and Fannie Mae Homepath. These types of properties can be very attractive, but competition for them can be high. This isn’t to say every transaction is like this, but I am ready to get you through it when it is.

Also, you will find that I love driving around looking at houses, so don’t worry about being picky.

Rental real-estate is not for the faint of heart, but can be really rewarding with some time and energy. I will share my own experiences and education in rental property. I will introduce you to some friends that can share their experiences as well. You will find that everyone has a different investment criteria that fits them. There is no one solution for investing.

My advice is you start with some reading but be forewarned that most books include an element of arrogance about the subject of investment property. Beside being incredibly boring, each has its merits, but I thought Larry Loftis’s book “Investing in Duplexes, Triplexes, & Quads” was pretty straightforward and most helpful to me. ISBN: 9781419537257. As an attorney, he probably had a lot more money to work with than most, but I’ll help explain everything from owner occupied ownership to keeping your existing home and renting it. If I ever get my copy back, you can borrow my book, otherwise the King County Library should have a copy available.

If you are really serious about investing, I recommend that you check out Dupre & Scott. http://www.duprescott.com/. The reports can be a real snooze, but the insight they provide is worthwhile. Of course as a small investor, the advice can be a little macro, but I can explain how that impacts you as an investor.

And remember, sheetrock can always be repaired.

I am a Zillow Premier Agent which means your property will get more visibility when you list with me. A lot of people use Zillow when searching for a home and that is why I signed up to be a premier agent with them. If you can’t beat them, join them.

In addition to Zillow, we will come up with a marketing plan tailored for you and your property. Please reach out to me for a free market analysis of your property.

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Ryan does his research! We originally had plans to list our home at a lower price point however he presented well researched data and convinced us to list higher, in the end we accepted an offer well over our list price in a matter of days. He was spot on… (more)

5snowywolf 18

Ryan always put the client first. He gave us a lot of advice as we are first time house owners, right down to where we can do our mortgage. He is also very professional and is very knowledgeable with the area as he has been leaving in this part of the state… (more)


In 2015 I was looking for a home in the Bonney Lake – Enumclaw area and contacted Ryan. I’m so glad I did: he was professional, friendly, and a thorough researcher. In addition to the homes I found, Ryan found several other comparable properties to show me…. (more)

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